The joy of bathing.

Professional swimmers and sporty types look away now. You will not find what you’re looking for here. This is no celebration of style, stroke, distance or endurance.

Rather, it is a simple celebration of that most ancient and utilitarian of rituals.

Whether for cleansing of the literal or spiritual kind, dunking, plunging, dipping, diving, becoming submerged, floating about or just getting wet for the the joy of it, this blog celebrates bathing in all of its beauty.

I spend a lot of time dunking into pools, baths, lakes and rivers. There is nothing more satisfying for body or mind than emerging from a good old soak, whether it’s a soporific bath before bed or the clarity of a cold shower.

I decided to start documenting my dips, in the hope that more people should come to relish, or at least enjoy more mindfully, and more often, the simple act of bathing.

I would love to hear more about you and your experiences of bathing around the world and your recommendations too.

Happy splashing,


Chief Mermaid, The Beauty of Bathing